Why are we making this change?

Working people are powerful when we stand together. The bigger we are, the stronger we are, and the more power we have to make real change. That’s why United Voice and the National Union of Workers members have voted to build a bigger, stronger new union.

How will the new union be created?

In May, National Councils of the NUW and United Voice endorsed a proposal to build a new union together. In July and August, members of both unions were given the opportunity to vote on the proposal, with tens of thousands of members voting yes.

Did members have a say?

Members have been consulted throughout the process by email, SMS, social media, post, worksite visits, phone calls and mass meetings. From selecting the name to voting on the final decision to create a new union – we have ensured a democratic process for members.

What is the name of the new union?

Members of both unions had the opportunity to vote on the name of the new union. The new union will be called United Workers Union.

Who are United Voice and NUW?

United Voice and National Union of Workers members have a shared and strong history of fighting for working people. Throughout day and night and from farm to plate, our members touch the lives of every Australian, every day of their life. Find out more by visiting each union's website: www.unitedvoice.org.au and www.nuw.org.au

Will members have to resign and re-join the New Union?

All members of United Voice and the NUW will automatically become members of the United Workers Union. This means no interruption to continuity of membership.

What will this mean for my industry or region?

We are committed to building a strong, national union for all members – no matter where they live and work. United Workers Union will provide a home for all sectors, big and small, in every corner of the country. There will be a careful transition process to bring everyone into the new union.

What happens to our Agreement?

The status of your Agreement will not change. The United Workers Union will be a party to your Agreement and will able to enforce your Agreement.

What happens to our Delegates?

All Delegates will continue to serve in the United Workers Union. Delegates will continue being leaders in our workplaces and representing members. There will be an even bigger focus on supporting, developing and training delegates in the new union.

What happens to our Organisers?

All organisers will be required in the new union, and the level of support members get will continue. As usual, some organisers may move between industry teams or change sites as needed.

How can I stay up to date about the creation of a New Union?

The website Anewunion.org.au will be updated with news and you will also continue to receive direct communication from your union by email, SMS and via your organiser and delegate.

What will happen to our union dues?

Each year, both unions take a number of factors into account when setting dues and there are currently a range of different fees in place. Work is underway to make the United Workers Union fee structure more consistent and equitable for all members over time. The fees already set for the current 2019-2020 financial year will not change this financial year.

When does the United Workers Union start?

The next step is for the Fair Work Commission to consider our submission. We hope to be able to have Fair Work set the amalgamation day as soon as practicable.

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