United Workers Union


Throughout our history, we’ve shown that when working people stand together, we win.

We know the bigger we are, the stronger we are, and the more power we have to make real change.

As a powerful, new union we will have 150,000 members across the country from more than 45 industries standing together to make a difference.

Together we can change our union and change the future for working people.

What We Want

Our Structure

The proposed structure of the new union will be democratic, accountable and responsive to members, and is designed to put more power in the hands of members.

The New Union will be a single national union, which every member joins. It will have a single national leadership team, which will include rank-and-file members. A Member Convention will be made up of 500 elected delegates from across Australia and will set the course for the New Union and the National Executive will lead the new union into the future, while remaining accountable to the national body of members.

Our vision is to build a new union with members at the heart of everything we do. It will be an exciting, people-powered force for change.

Importantly, there will be 50/50 representation of men and women on our National Executive and our Member Convention.