Who is United Workers Union

The United Workers Union will include 150,000 members of United Voice and the NUW from across industries and across the country – all proud to be union.

Check out this video to see the many faces that make up the United Workers Union – the working people of Australia.

Our members know that United Voice and the NUW are two mighty unions, both with proud histories.

The work of our members touches millions every single day of their lives.

We are proud of what we do; we are proud of what we stand for. We fight for better jobs, and we fight for a better future.

We have a powerful voice… but we need it to be even stronger.

That’s why we’re asking you to vote YES for the United Workers Union. Because we are all union – and we’re even bigger, stronger, and more united when we stand together.

To have your say, you must ensure your contact details including postal address are up to date – check with your union and update them this week.