Vision circle

A New Name

Thousands of members had their say on the name of the new union through consultation and an online poll.

The new union name – United Workers Union – was chosen by members, and represents both unions coming together from across the country as 150,000 united workers from many industries.

Check out what members had to say about the name.

Why Change?

Collectively, we fight every day to win real changes in peoples’ lives. But it’s becoming harder and harder to get a fair deal.

We need to do more and we need to do things differently – at work, at home and in the community – so our kids can have secure jobs and a better future.


Vision circle



From the Torres Strait to the Tasman Peninsula, from Byron Bay to Broome, United Voice and NUW members are standing up and fighting for jobs you can count on.




From cradle to grave and from farm to plate, our members will touch the lives of every Australian, every day of their life.




United Voice and NUW members have a shared and strong history of taking up the fight for working people. We are proud of where we have been, what we have won, and the people that have been there over our proud histories.

NUW and UV